Mini Trailblazers (age 3 - 5); Sunday 10:20am Cowley Hall

Mini Trailblazers will help pre school children aged between 3 – 5 years old feel welcome and safe. You will enjoy learning all about God’s work through wonderful stories told in the bible. You will have lots of fun singing, playing games and doing lots of craft activities. You will make lots of new friends too!

Trailblazers (aged P1 - P4); Sunday 10:20am

Trailblazers is for children in P1 – P4, where we have FUN! We enjoy finding out about the love of God through knowing our special friend JESUS. We have fun together by playing games, making things, drawing, listening to stories from the bible and learning more about Jesus and how to be more like him. During the year we have special occasions like our Summer Trip, our Christmas Party and taking part in the Nativity Service. If you are aged P1 – P4 we would really like to to join us and become our friend.

Sunday Squad

If you are in Primary 5 to Primary 7 we’d love you to join us on a Sunday

We meet in the Church just before the 10.30am service. You can either sit near the front with us or with your family and friends.
At 10.50am we go over to the Session House and learn and discuss new bible stories, play games and have some fun.
We regularly join in the Church Services, go on the annual Sunday School trip and have our own fab Christmas outing.

The Sunday School has a collection every week. The funds are separate to the church funds and are used for either our own Sunday School or Sunday Schools around Scotland to buy, for example, trips or material; the latter of which is essential to the functioning of the Sunday School. The collection doesn’t need to be a large amount, for example 20p or 50p each week is suffice. We encourage you to introduce your children into giving (or continuing to give) to others in the same way.

Greenbank Church Sunday School – Give Them a Good Start


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