The Kirk Session and Associates

The Kirk Session is responsible for the governance of church affairs and the spiritual welfare of the congregation and parish. Each member of the congregation has an appointed elder who visits at least three times each year before Communion. The elder’s name and telephone number is on the communion invitation. The church secretary will also contact an elder on your behalf if required.

Our Session Clerk is Mr Derek Christie and our Depute Session Clerk is Mr Peter Liddell. Elders also participate in committees appointed by the Session such as the Property Committee, the Finance Committee, the Social Committee and the Publicity Committee. There are also short-life working groups, which deal with church matters as they arise. A number of elders also take on individual responsibilities such as the Hall Lets Convener, Christian Aid and Church Treasurer.

The Session has Associate Members who contribute to the work and life of the congregation and attend Kirk Session meetings.

Kirk Session meetings are open to all members of the congregation where the business is divided into four areas of activity namely, Worship, Outreach, Fellowship and Stewardship to reflect our aim to be a friendly church for all as we respond to the call of Jesus Christ.

Photographs of the Kirk Session and Associates can be found in the entrance to the church.


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