24th December Intimations

Church Service Intimations

It is with sadness that we announce the death of one of our retired elders, Mrs Elizabeth Ritchie (Betty) of Douglas View Care Home, Hamilton on Saturday 16th December. Arrangements for Betty’s funeral arrangements have still to be confirmed. Please remember Betty’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

It is with sadness that we announce the death of Mr Bill Carswell of Hilltree Court, 96 Fenwick Road, Giffnock, on Sunday 17th December. Bill’s funeral has been arranged for Monday 15th January at 11.30am in Orchardhill Parish Church (where Bill had been and elder and Depute Session Clerk) and then at 1pm at Linn Crematorium. Please remember Bill’s family and friends in your prayers.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Mrs Christine Baird of 55 Mansefield Road, Clarkston. Christine’s funeral will be private in accordance with her wishes. A Thanksgiving Service for Christine’s life will be held on Friday 5th January at 1pm in the church, to which all are welcome to attend. Please continue to remember Christine’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.


CHRISTMAS CARD DROP OFF You will also be able to pick up any cards addressed to you from Creche up until Sunday 24th December.

Very many thanks to all those who supported the LHM by buying Christmas cards this year. A total of £564 was raised comprising sales of £508.50 and donations of £55.50. Your generosity is always greatly appreciated. Liz Smith

LEGACY UPDATE – A number of weeks ago we intimated that the Kirk Session had agreed to apply to the Central Fabric Fund of the Church of Scotland for a grant towards the cost of replacing our ancient heating system. We submitted that application at the end of November, supported by a report from a heating consultant used by the General Trustees that stated the current system was beyond repair. We have now heard that we have been granted £50,000 towards the cost. This is of course a large sum of money but unlikely to meet the full cost of replacing the heating system. We are now making contact with a company that has experience of replacing church heating systems similar to our own in order to establish the likely cost. There will then be a further update on decisions that we may need to take.

LIFE & WORK MAGAZINE – This is the monthly magazine of the Church of Scotland, which is available as a print copy or digitally. Should you wish to subscribe, please visit www.lifeandwork.org or contact the church office.

CHAS There will be a retiring offering taken at the end of the service today in aid of CHAS – the Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland.

There is a new Bible reading sheet from January to March 2024 in the Centenary Chapel. If you would like to volunteer to read the lesson on a Sunday morning, can you please add your name and contact details to the sheet. Many thanks to all those who have helped out this year.

DONATIONS REQUIRED [Link building is open for all donations on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday mornings.] Weekly LHM Donations required, especially UHT milk, kettle foods e.g. pot noodles and tinned soup e.g. tomato, chicken and mushroom, can be put on the trolley in the Link building. Sugar, toiletries, clothing, bedding, duvets and towels are not required at the moment.

GNE FOODBANK We would like to thank everyone for their support through 2023 and wish you a happy Christmas and good New Year. Hoping for you continued support in ’24 for this necessary and much used charity.


BURNS SUPPER tickets for the Burns supper on Sunday 28th January will be on sale Sunday 17th December and again from the first Sunday in January from then on until 21st January. Please see Jan Millar and Graham Vance. Tickets are £20 each.


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