Welcoming New Elders

Welcoming New Elders

On Sunday, 25th February, six members of the congregation, Lynn Armstrong, Graeme and Helen Bradshaw, David Mitchell and Laura and Fraser Simpson were ordained as elders. Jeanette Mackay, who has been an elder for 35 years at St James in Paisley, was admitted as an elder in Greenbank. Here’s the low down on them.

Lynn Armstrong
Lynn was honoured and humbled (and terrified) when asked to be an elder. She was christened and went through Sunday School at Greenbank Church, many years ago. She met her dear husband Craig at Orchardhill Church. They have two children, Lauren and Euan. Lynn loves her job as an accountant, especially when the cash squares!! As a family they have made so many lovely friends through so many of the different organisations and now Lynn hopes to give a little back through her eldership.

Lynn thanks the Kirk Session for seeing something in her and hopes she doesn’t let anyone down.

Graeme Bradshaw
Graeme is married to Helen. They have a daughter, Grace, who is nine years old. She attends Carolside Primary and is a member of the Sunday Club. Grace was baptised in Greenbank in 2009. Graeme is a lawyer and works in Glasgow. He loves spending any free time that he has with Helen and Grace and is enjoying learning to play the piano along with Grace.
Graeme was surprised when asked to become an elder as it was something he hadn’t considered but feels very privileged to have been asked.

Helen Bradshaw
Helen is married to Graeme. They have been attending Greenbank for ten years. Their daughter, Grace, is nine. She loves going to the Sunday Club. Helen is the head teacher of English and Drama at Strathaven Secondary School. As you would expect, she is an avid reader. In her spare time, she enjoys running and going to the gym. Graeme and Helen have recently holidayed in London and Aviemore. When going abroad, they like Italy or the U.S.

Helen was equally surprised to be asked to be an elder as she thought they wouldn’t be entitled to the position of eldership and so was genuinely honoured and privileged to have been approached.

Jeanette Mackay
Jeanette was an elder for 35 years at St James in Paisley which she felt was a great privilege. She was delighted and honoured when asked to join the Session at Greenbank. Jeanette lives with her daughter and family in Viaduct Road and has three grandchildren. Jeanette is a retired nurse, though latterly she helped her husband in his model rail business. She enjoys playing hand bells and is a member of a hand bell choir.

David Mitchell
David and his wife Julie became members of Greenbank in 2009. They have two children, Cameron 8 and Andrew 5, both of whom attend Sunday Club. David is an accountant and although he is based in Glasgow he travels quite a bit. He enjoys sports and his claim to fame is that he and Julie played hockey in the Commonwealth Games. A strange connection is that Jeanne’s brother-in law is David’s brother’s god parent. Small world!

David was honoured to be asked to be an elder and hopes he makes a good job of it.

Fraser Simpson
Fraser is married to Laura. They have three amazing children, Millie, Harris and Ella. They moved to Clarkston just after they were married and have now lived there for 10 years. Fraser was originally a Graphic Designer but now works mostly online, designing, promoting and advertising websites. At weekends Fraser can be found dragging his kids into the fresh air to explore woodland trails, or competing in the latest round of the ‘pooh stick’ championships. Fraser comments, “Actually, on reflection, I think it is them dragging me. My first thoughts when asked to be an Elder… I was surprised, convinced I was too young, but most of all honoured and proud to be deemed worthy. I hope to live up to the faith shown in me.”

Laura Simpson
Laura Simpson (nee Mackenzie) has been married to Fraser for 101⁄2 years. They have been blessed with three beautiful children: Millie, Harris and Ella. Laura is an English teacher and has worked at Williamwood High School for the past 13 years. Laura explains, “I love being a teacher and feel very privileged in helping to influence the futures of so many young people.”

When Fraser and Laura joined Greenbank, they were delighted by the warm welcome they received and were touched by the support given when Ella had a life-saving operation when she was a baby, and when Millie was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.
Laura was honoured and delighted when asked to be an Elder, following in the footsteps of her parents who are both elders and commented, “I will endeavour to do my very best for Greenbank, continue to spread the word of God and represent the caring ethos of the church.”


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