Sunday Club Update

Sunday Club at Greenbank Parish Church of Scotland in Clarkson, Glasgow, East Renfrewshire


First of all, can I say what a delight it is to be involved with the Sunday Club, Sunday Squad and JAM! The children, young people, leaders and helpers are just amazing. We are indeed very blessed.

When I became Superintendent it was at the start of one of the busiest periods of the Sunday Club year – rehearsals were underway for the Nativity, planning for the Gift Service, and distribution of the gifts, and the children’s Christmas parties or outings. I imagined I would have a pretty busy time organising all of this – however I hadn’t counted on the super-efficiency of the leaders, who had it all in hand. So a very BIG THANK YOU to you all for breaking me in gently.

An equally BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated gifts for the Gift Service. The Sunday Club and the organisations supported by this are deeply grateful and appreciative of your generosity.
Since Sunday Club resumed in January, we have been continuing to follow the Spill the Beans resource which links to the Narrative Lectionary that Jeanne bases our Sunday services on. The series is currently based on Jesus’ ministry. So far we have learned about Jesus:

  • inviting his disciples to follow him
  • turning water into wine
  • at the temple
  • and Nicodemus
  • and the Samaritan Woman.

I have enjoyed visiting each department and joining in activities over the past few Sundays – especially having great fun playing After Eight chocolate games at JAM, whilst enjoying a lovely warm mug of hot chocolate.

Helen Howard


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