Report From The Liason Group

For those who may not be familiar with what we do, briefly we endeavour to visit or at least make contact with every club and organisation connected to Greenbank Church. Taking with us the greetings of the Kirk Session, our interest in them, in what they do, and their well being.

Throughout the year we have the opportunity to read both in Good Neighbour, and in the reports we receive before each Session meeting much of what some of our organisation are doing. Our contacts allow us to learn of any difficulties or problems they may have, and in particular of any assistance the may require from the Kirk Session.

At this time last year there were question marks over the future of both the Men’s Club and the Junior Badminton. The previous year the Men’s Club had met only once, and sadly last session they did not meet at all. Similarly the Junior Badminton had ceased to function as they had no adult leader, and despite the best efforts of some, no leader has come forward, so it too did not meet at all last year. Unless someone comes along with the specific intention of restarting either of them, we think that in the circumstances we must now consider them lost.

The Cosy Coffee House continues to function with help of volunteers on a rota basis and at the beginning of last session there was for a while some involvement by senior pupils from Williamwood School. This venture too has no leader and without one appears to be a bit rudderless. However, bearing in mind the time that this venture meets, finding a leader is not an easy ask.

It is pleasing to note that numbers across the range of all our youth work are holding up, and in some groups a small increase has been recorded. It is also encouraging to see that there has been an increase in the overall number of leaders, although some groups are still reporting that they are understaffed.

Last year the Drama Club had hoped to return to the stage with a full production, but owing to lack of numbers settled for a murder mystery night, and as I understand it will do so again this year. However in order to return to a full stage production they require new additional members.

This echoes pretty much the position of most organisations as they look forward to the new session. To help find new additional members is a common request being made of the Kirk Session. We think however that finding new members is a matter for each organisation itself, by publicising their own activities as widely as possible, and it may be that the best way to recruit new members is for existing members to enthuse about what they do, telling their friends and neighbours and maybe encouraging them to come along. Nevertheless we can perhaps help by being aware of all that is going on, so that if we are asked then maybe we can point people in the right direction. One request is from the Lunch Club. This very popular club does not lack leadership; it has two very able leaders in Jan Miller and Maureen Moss who are supported by a dedicated group of volunteers. They all work very hard at making this the success it is and will continue to do so, but they would like a bit more help. So maybe if you go along you might just like to help every now and then, or perhaps you may know someone who would be willing to do so, all offers will be gratefully received.

For the most part our organisations continue to function successfully; whilst realizing that some people (by attending more than one club) are counted more than once, total membership of all groups is slightly up this year at a little over 900. Whilst numbers attending remain consistently high which is indicative that they are well run and obviously enjoyed by all who go along.

Two things worth mentioning:

Firstly, the amount of charity fund raising carried out by various organisations is really something of note, and something for which each group involved can be justifiably proud and should be commended for, enabling them to contribute generously to the charities they support.

Secondly we are sure that you will not be surprised to learn that the organisations speak very highly of John Meek, he is always pleasant, available, helpful and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble.

The halls are well used, and all our organisations are busy welcoming not only church members but the wider community too, and are a major part of our Church life, work and witness, making an important contribution to our aim of living our faith by our actions at the heart of the community.


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