Minister’s November Message

Dear Friends,

As the clocks go back and the days become colder and darker we move into November which is the month of remembrance.

On the first full weekend in November, here at Greenbank we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Jesus. The cross and resurrection are the ultimate faith memory for those of us who are Jesus’ followers. In Jesus, God reveals the truths on which our faith and life is built. Yet, in spite of the importance of these truths, sometimes we forget them and that is why Jesus commands us to regularly share bread and wine together, so we might remember at the Lord’s Supper.

On the13th of November we will hold our annual Remembrance Day service. One of the most important parts of the remembrance service is the simple message “Lest we forget. “ Ross McAldine will play the bagpipes for us, again this year, after the two minutes silence. The tune he will be playing is “The Battle of the Somme”. Ross’s grandad was wounded at the Somme in July 1916 and it seems like a very appropriate and poignant way to honour and not forget those lives lost and those lives forever changed by war.

On the 20th November our Guild will be remembering and celebrating its110th anniversary with a Dedication Service. We are delighted that the General Secretary of the Church of Scotland Guild – Iain Whyte is coming to lead worship that day.   I hope that you will come along to the service and offer your support and congratulations to the Guild on this auspicious day.

Finally, on the 27th November, our thoughts turn to Advent and the upcoming Christmas, family and church celebrations. That this time of year has come to be associated so much with Christmas preparations means that we sometimes forget to see the possibilities that God gives us each and every day. During Advent we remember that faithfulness to God is found in following Jesus Christ in the day by day events of our lives and church. Thus, on the 27th November, we will close our worship this month as it began, with a communion service at 6.30pm. At this service we will once again remember Jesus and the hope and challenge His birth offers us for the present day and for the future.

This month I hope that you will find the many invitations to remember well worth accepting. In your remembering, may you come to know more deeply how the light of Jesus Christ, born into a cold and dark world at Christmas, helps us to believe, and to live like we believe; that love and peace and hope have a part to play in every choice that we make, each and every day.


Rev. Jeanne Roddick Signature


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