Minister’s November Message

Rememberence at Greenbank Church Clarkston

Dear Friends,

On Sunday, 12th November, we will be holding Greenbank’s Annual Remembrance Sunday Service at 10.30am to which everyone is invited. At 11am a two-minute silence will be observed along with people all over the country, and far beyond, who will also be remembering those on all sides of conflicts who have been killed or injured or deeply affected by what has happened.

Last year on Remembrance Sunday I told the story of Angus McIntyre Fraser, who was the youngest son of Greenbank’s first Minister, Rev James Fraser. Angus was born in Clarkston on 20th November 1892 along with his twin brother James who died in infancy. From an early age Angus was brought up in Greenbank Manse. He was a pupil at Busby Public School and Glasgow High School. In 1911 he went to the University of Glasgow and graduated with an MA on 20th November 1915. He wanted to study Divinity and become a Minister but his university
education was curtailed because of the First World War.

Angus joined the 6th battalion of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in 1915 and at first fought in France before going to Italy. His battalion returned to France on 12th April 1918 and entered the Nieppe Forest where Angus was wounded on 28th May 1918. Although he survived for a few weeks, he sadly died in Calais on 19th June 2018 aged just 25. Angus is buried at Les Baraques Military Cemetery in Sangatte near Calais and his name is on Greenbank’s war memorial in the Church vestibule along with the names of 38 other men who died in war.

The poppies we wear this month honour Angus and every individual person who has died or suffered because of war. The poppy is a symbol of peace, care and compassion. It encourages us to look forward with hope to the future, with the knowledge that we still live in a conflicted, suffering and warring world but also knowing that we should never lose sight of goodness and the life-affirming values that exist in this world and which we are called to promote as Christians. We honour the sacrifices of two world wars and other conflicts since, in the most fitting way,
by offering ourselves in working for better world right where we are.

This month may we all wear our poppies with pride, and wear them in remembrance of the kind of world God wants, and how we can all play some part to help shape that world by following the example of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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