Minister’s May Message

Minister's May Message

Dear Friends

On Easter Sunday as we gathered as a church family for worship, it was wonderful to see all the children excitedly running round the sanctuary making Easter bonnets before they went to search for Easter eggs in the halls. After the Easter egg hunt I saw one three year old running up the aisle, bonnet askew with one of the adult leaders running after him, both of them filled with the delight and happiness of Easter morning and oblivious to the rest of us watching. Perhaps it’s a small thing but when I saw them I thought that’s what churches are meant to be, communities of people where even for a moment or two, life breaks open and joy flourishes.

Church communities are called to create those moments of life and joy through worship, prayer, comfort, hospitality, by working together for justice and equity and serving the needs of the wider community and world. Together, sometimes loudly, sometimes gently, churches are called to share the joy of Jesus’ Resurrection life and to show that maybe; just maybe, there might be another way for people to live in a world, and sometimes in a church, that it is often far too focused on negativity and despair.

The Good News of Easter is that Christ is not dead he is alive and continually making himself known in this world to those with the vision to see Him, offering little glimpses of grace and life, bringing hope and strength and filling children and adult’s lives with joy and love. That’s where Jesus Christ lives today and that’s where His followers and His church live and that’s where they will never, ever be defeated.

In the days ahead, may we, and the lives of those we touch, know that Our Lord walks with us, guiding us and filling our hearts with the joy and love of His Risen life.


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