Ministers March 21 Message

Ministers March 21 Message

Dear Friends,

While there are no certainties yet, with the roll out of the vaccine programme the possibility of a return to meeting up once again with friends and family seems a little closer.

It will probably take a while, but thanks to modern medicines and scientific research progress we now have hope that the restrictions we are currently living with will come to an end. I was tempted to write that we will return to normal but I am sceptical that the old normal can or will be returned to. Looking to the future many are concerned about how the economy and society will emerge and rebuild after the pandemic. The question of how our Church will emerge and rebuild is no less important.

The mission of the church is to reach out to people with the message that God is there to care for them. Post pandemic, this will be a vital message for the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of people in our church and community. Our Legacy project aims to enhance this message with modern, sustainable and environmentally friendly facilities that will aid resilience and recovery after the Pandemic and bring hope to the lives of all generations in our community.

To make this happen, we need to raise money and so, in addition to the sale of the North site, a number of approaches are currently being taken to gathering the funds needed. Grants are being applied for and fundraising events are being organised but much of the money will also need to come from us, the church congregation. Everyone has already been invited to give what they can. We give thanks for the donations and pledges of financial support already received which have put us well on the way to reaching the total that we need. Ideas for fundraising events are also sought and if you need more information or want to plan something please email me or Jane at the church office.

As we stand on the cusp of hope and possibility that the pandemic restrictions will soon ease, so also the hope and possibility of a bright new future is beginning to emerge for Greenbank.

In these Lenten days as we accompany Jesus on His Calvary journey, may we be blessed and lifted up with hope and possibility and know ourselves to be Spirit led in our commitment and costly service to God.


Rev. Jeanne Roddick Signature


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