Minister’s February Message

Minister's February Message

Dear Friends,

At our Christmas watchnight service, it was wonderful to be reacquainted with the many familiar [and now adult] faces of so many of the children who have attended our Sunday Clubs during the time that I have been the minister here at Greenbank. Although I was really happy to see them all again, meeting them made me think about how time moves on so quickly and the future, which once seemed to stretch out before me in the distance, is now beginning to seem much shorter than I once imagined.

In looking to this much-shortened future, I take encouragement from the Psalmist words: “So teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart”, Psalm 90:12. I believe that making our days’ count means more than ticking them off on a calendar or just looking forward to the future. Counting the days means looking to the past and working out what and who was important to us and is still important to us. Most of us have experienced both moments of joy and moments that have shaped us and inevitably drawn us towards challenge and change. These moments are part of our history and make us who we are but, they do not define our future.

In this New Year of 2019 as we move further into an unknown future I am reminded of the great certainty that underpins all of our days captured by the words of Greenbank’s favourite hymn:

Great is Thy faithfulness,

Morning by morning new mercies I see,

All I have needed Thy hand has provided,

Great is Thy faithfulness God unto me.

Like the Psalmist, the hymn reminds us that we should see each day as a gift and live with the assurance that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love made known to us in Jesus Christ.

So may we all find the strength and the courage to move confidently, into our still to be counted days, believing that whatever comes to pass, God will never leave us and His love will never fail.


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