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Sincere thanks to all members of the congregation and Sunday Club departments for the donations of cash and food given at our Harvest Thanksgiving Service. Our food donations filled one car completely, and a large floral arrangement was also much appreciated. A letter of thanks has been received.

Thanks are also due to the staff and children of Hazeldene Family Centre, Newton Mearns, who responded to the Harvest appeal with a further car load of food and a cash donation.

The help of John Meek (and his car!) was much appreciated in helping to deliver the food donations to the LHM on Harvest Sunday.

Christmas Cards

The sale of Christmas cards to raise funds for the Lodging House Mission has now commenced. Cards are priced at £3.50 for a pack of 10. Sales will continue after the service each Sunday in the Fraser Hall until 11th December.

Come along for tea/coffee after the service and have a look at the cards. If anyone is unable to attend church and would like to purchase cards, please contact me and I will arrange to let you see them.

Appeal for Volunteers

The following appeal for volunteers has been made by the Lodging House Mission:-

Lodging House Mission urgently require volunteers for general kitchen and hall duties

The workload is not physically or mentally taxing but is very necessary to our Christian service and outreach and you will meet a lot of interesting people. We are very flexible on working hours, but as an indication, most volunteers do 1 day per week, working 9.30am till around 2pm, however, we can accommodate most working patterns.

Please phone Helen Hart at the LHM in the first instance on 0141 552 0285 if you would like to respond to this appeal.


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