Saturday Morning Book Club

Book Club Clarkston

During Lent a number of people came to the Lenten Book Club on Saturday mornings and we managed to read to the end of the book of Numbers. The conversations were informal, informative and enjoyable and those who took part decided that they would like the Book Club to continue. The Saturday Morning Book Club will therefore continue once a month. The dates set for each meeting in 2016 are 30th April, 28th May, and 25th June, with a break for holidays continuing on 17th September, 29th October, and 26th November. The Book Club will meet at 9am for one hour with breakfast refreshments being served from 8.45am. Beginning with Deuteronomy we will be reading from the OLD TESTAMENT COVENANT HISTORY – a fresh presentation of the Old Testament historical books. One book will be read each month in this order – Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel and Kings. The Book Club is for everyone – you don’t have to have a great knowledge of the Bible to take part. It is just an opportunity to get to know the Old Testament better. Why not give it a try? If you would like a copy of the book we are reading please contact the Church office so one can be ordered for you. I look forward to seeing you there – Jeanne.



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