Legacy Update Feb 21st

Greenbank Church Legacy for future Generations


In the last legacy update in December I let you know that we had appointed a firm to market the north part of our site. That work is well underway, the purpose of which is to establish whether or not there is any commercial interest in developing the site and if there is, what the value of the site might be. We have also been working with organisations to establish what their needs might be in a renovated and extended church building in order to prepare a brief for an architect to come up with designs for us. At the same time a great deal of work has also been done on identifying organisations that provide capital funding for projects like our own. Once all this work is concluded we will be in a position to come to you with a firm recommendation as to how best we should proceed. Information meetings will be held so that you can hear what is planned and ask any questions you want, well before we make any final decision. There is still a good amount of work to be done but we are making steady progress, thanks in large part to the willing help offered by a number of elders.

Gordon Dickson

Legacy Project Group


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