Kiltwalk for Christian Aid

Kiltwalk for Christian Aid

The Clarkston Christian Aid Committee has decided to use this year’s Kiltwalk to raise money for

Christian Aid. The Kiltwalk is an annual sponsored walk where walkers raise money for a good

cause of their choice and the Hunter Foundation increases the money you raise by 50%. This year

the event will be held 23rd-25th April and is a virtual event; each person is doing their own thing.

Sarah Dinsdale-Young of St Aidan’s church is going to climb the steps at the end of her street (28 in

total) over and over again until she has climbed the height of the Empire State Building in New

York. As there are 1576 stairs in the Empire State Building, Sarah will climb the steps 57 times (aim:

to do it in under an hour!).

Myrtle McGregor of Busby church has been climbing her stairs several times a day since lockdown

started last year. She now climbs them 10 times each day and has so far reached the height of

Mont Blanc, by the end of the Kiltwalk she hopes to be half way up Everest (without oxygen).

If you would like to sponsor Sarah or Myrtle please go to the link above where you should be able

to donate via Just Giving to the Clarkston Christian Aid Committee (either the Clarkston Christian

Aid Team or Sarah for Christian Aid or Myrtle McGregor)


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