Intimations Sunday 19th Feb 23

Church Service Intimations



There will be a meeting of the Kirk Session at 11.45am in the church today. 

District Elders should note that their communion invitations are now available to uplift from the front of the Centenary Chapel. Communion takes place on Sunday 5th March. 

The Christian Aid Art Exhibition and Sale will take place in Clarkston Halls on Friday, 17th March from 7pm – 9pm, and Saturday, 18th March from 10am – 4pm. Volunteers are sought, please, to serve tea and coffee in the afternoon of Saturday, 18th. Please contact Mark Allan (638 3916) or Ron Livingston (639 2798) 

if you are able to help. Thank you. 

Friday Afternoons at Greenbank from 1pm are a place for everyone to meet, enjoy afternoon tea/coffee/baking and spend quality time together. All are warmly invited to come along and to bring their friends. If anyone can spare a little time on any Friday afternoon to make tea, coffee etc., please email Jeanne or the church office 

This year, Greenbank’s Lenten Zoom Study called ‘God on Mute’ will take place on five Mondays evenings at 7pm during Lent [i.e. 27th February, 6th,13th,20th & 27th March]. Paper copies of the study have been placed in the Link building for participants. Even if you can’t manage all dates, please put you name on the sheet provided indicating your participation. Anyone wishing to receive the study by email should, contact the church office. 

Bible Readers – If you are willing to read the bible lesson please add your name and email address/phone number to the list in the Centenary Chapel at the service of your choice. 

Welcoming Duty Team – There is an urgent need for volunteers to assist with this important role. Contact Malcolm Pickard at: or phone him on 644 1940 if you can help. The duty is only once every eight weeks and swaps are easily arranged. 

Christian Aid has launched an Urgent Appeal to cover a shortfall in funding. Martin Birch, the chief operating officer for Christian Aid, has sent me a mailshot appealing to Greenbank Parish Church members to give whatever you can. The funding which Christian Aid raised last year for projects across the globe is simply not enough; this may, in part, be due to the cost of living crisis which is affecting everyone. The shortfall being experienced by Christian Aid means that the funding gap puts the most vulnerable people at risk. Without your help, they may not get the support they desperately need to survive. Together, we need to ensure that this does not happen. Please consider giving whatever you can. To give context to what your donation could mean; 

£30 could support 6 families with water hygiene kits that will provide clean drinking water. 

£50 could provide much needed food for a household of 5 people. 

£109 could provide an emergency shelter and a hygiene kit for one family. 

To make your donation please go to; Mark Allan (638 3916) Ron Livingston (639 2798) 

Ukrainian Centre – The Ukrainian support team send a monthly van with essential items: tea & coffee, cuppa soup, 2 min. porridge, tins of tuna & spam, baby food, blankets, personal hygiene products, cold and flu meds. Donations can be dropped off at the Ukrainian centre in the church grounds on Saturday mornings or left in the link building during the week. No clothing or glass bottles/jars please. 

Lodging House Mission –Donations of food, especially UHT milk, kettle foods eg pot noodles, tinned soup eg tomato, chicken and mushroom, tinned stew or mince and tinned beans can be put on the trolley in the Link building. Sugar, toiletries, clothing, bedding, duvets and towels are not required at the moment. Thank you. Liz Smith 

Glasgow North East Foodbank – Donations required, Nutritious foodstuffs required: tinned meat (not Fray Bentos, tinned fruit & veg, UHT milk & juice, diluting juice, tinned & packet potato (mash), tinned rice & custard, packet custard, pasta sauces, pasta, tinned tomatoes, biscuits, Toiletries; nappies & baby wipes. 

The link building is open for donations on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday mornings. 


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