Intimations 23rd June 2024

Church Service Intimations


Church office: / 0141 644 1841. All enquiries will be responded to as soon as possible. Minister: 36 Eaglesham Road Clarkston Glasgow Scotland G76 7DJ Congregation no 160863 Reg Charity No SC011453

PASTORAL COVER: Anyone requiring the services of a minister from Monday 24th June, please contact the church office on 0141 644 1841 or

KIRK SESSION MEETING: The next meeting of the Kirk Session will be on Monday 24th June at 7.30pm in the Cowley Hall. If you will be unable to attend the meeting please sign the apologies sheet on the stage or email the Session Clerk.

BIBLE READERS: There is a new bible readers rota sheet for July-September on the stage in the Cowley Hall. If you are able to help with bible readings, please add your name and contact details to the sheet.

ACCESS TO COWLEY HALL: While services are being held in the Cowley Hall, we ask that people enter the hall via the doors to the right of the stairs as you approach the halls, rather than through the link building. Access will still be available through the link building for those unable to use the stairs.

FIRE EVACUATION: In the event of the Fire Alarm sounding please leave by the nearest Exit and proceed to the area at the front doors of the church and await further information. Exits are located as follows:-

a) Rear of the Cowley Hall

b) Door into Hall of Friendship then turn left and EXIT

c) Fire door Right hand side of stage though double doors

LIVE STREAMING OF SERVICES: Whilst we are holding services in the Church halls, unfortunately we will not be able to live stream the services.

DONATIONS REQUIRED: Please note the change of location. The Hall of Friendship is open for all donations on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday mornings.

LHM DONATIONS: Can be put on the trolley in the Hall of Friendship. Tinned foods especially tinned meats eg mince, chilli, chicken in sauce, and baked beans are urgently required at the moment as well as UHT milk and kettle foods eg, pot noodles. Toiletries, new boxer shorts, ladies pants and new or nearly new trainers are also needed. Clothing, bedding and towels are not required at the moment.

GNE FOODBANK: We are as busy as always. There is a particular need at the moment for ladies and gents shampoo, shower gel, soap, toothpaste disposable razors, shaving foam. We are as usual looking for donations of tinned and packet food particularly meats, vegetables, fruit, UHT milk and juice and diluting juice. Unfortunately, we can’t take fresh food.

HUSTINGS EVENT: Eastwood Ecumenical Peace and Justice Forum have organised an election hustings event at 7.30pm on Monday June 24th at Eastwood House – in Eastwood Park, Rouken Glen Rd. East Renfrewshire constituency candidates from the five main political parties will be present. Come along to hear what they say and to put your own questions to them.


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