Greenbank Parish Striders (G.P.S.) Need Your Trainers!

Greenbank Parish Striders (G.P.S.)  Need Your Trainers!

With you wearing them  of course!

We’re not Paula Radcliffe, Mo Farah, or even Jessica Ennis! But we enjoy our running,  jogging, strolling and STRIDING.
We meet  outside the  church  on  a Monday  evening at  6.30pm,  and  then  we  do  a sociable  run  of anywhere between 2 miles and  10k.  (That latter  distance is of course  a way to con you into doing  6 miles!) No, seriously, we are not  serious, we run for fun.  And we run at any speed,  for any distance, depending on what the vote is amongst those  who turn up.
No pressure,  no timing, just a pleasant light training run, with lots of chat on route. . . . unless of course you prefer not to talk. That’s OK too.

So what do you say? Try it one Monday and see how you like it? Hope to see you soon,

Alan Veitch   0787 212 4023


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