Church Intimations Sunday 9th July 23

Church Service Intimations



There shall be a Kirk Session Meeting after next Sunday’s 16th service.

 ‘Donations for tea and coffee after the service during July and August will go to Kwenderana to help pay school fees for boys and girls in Ekwendeni next year’

A new quarterly Bible Readers sheet (from July to September) is now in the Centenary Chapel.  Volunteers are requested to put their name and contact telephone number at a date of their choice. Only a couple of spaces in September left to fill.

Ukrainian Centre – The Ukrainian support team send a monthly van with essential items: tea & coffee, cuppa soup, 2 min. porridge, tins of tuna & spam, baby food, blankets, personal hygiene products, cold and flu meds.  Donations can be dropped off at the Ukrainian centre in the church grounds on Saturday mornings or left in the link building during the week.  No clothing or glass bottles/jars please.

Lodging House Mission – Donations required, especially UHT milk, kettle foods e.g. pot noodles and tinned soup e.g. tomato, chicken and mushroom, can be put on the trolley in the Link building.  Sugar, toiletries, clothing, bedding, duvets and towels are not required at the moment.  Donations trolley is in link building

Glasgow North East Foodbank – Donations required, Nutritious foodstuffs required:  tinned meat (not Fray Bentos), tinned fruit & veg, UHT milk & juice, diluting juice, tinned & packet potato (mash), tinned rice & custard, packet custard, pasta sauces, pasta, tinned tomatoes, biscuits, Toiletries; nappies & baby wipes.

The link building is open for all donations on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday mornings.

BOOK CLUB On Saturday the 5th of August we will be meeting at 09:30 or 09:15 if you want to join us for breakfast, in the creche, in the church halls. We are starting a new book called “The Case for God: What religion really means” by Karen Armstrong. About the book. There is widespread confusion about the nature of religious truth. For the first time in history, a significantly large number of people want nothing to do with God. Militant atheists preach a gospel of godlessness with the zeal of missionaries and find an eager audience.
Tracing the history of faith from the Palaeolithic Age to the present, Karen Armstrong shows that meaning of words such as ‘belief’, ‘faith’, and ‘mystery’ has been entirely altered, so that atheists and theists alike now think and speak about God – and, indeed, reason itself – in a way that our ancestors would have found astonishing.
Does God have a future? Karen Armstrong examines how we can build a faith that speaks to the needs of our troubled and dangerously polarised world.

We would love if you could join us in looking at this book, we will be looking at the first chapter for our next meeting so please come along. For more information you can contact Ronnie McNeill on 0141 577 6503.

BOOKS– There is a good collection of books in the hall of friendship. You are welcome to come and have a look and take a book for a small donation.

LEGACY PROJECT Members of Greenbank who weren’t at the stated Annual Meeting of the congregation have enquired about the timing for the legacy Project. The projected timeline shared at the meetings is noted below. If you wish to know anything more about the project please contact the church office with your enquiry. For information about how you can financially support the project please contact Greenbank Treasurer, Alistair Smith at



Detailed design                                                                              June-Oct 2023

Building warrant application                                                       Dec 2023

Construction information and tendering                                  Dec 2023- May 2024

Completion of land sale and contractor appointment           May 2024

Start of construction                                                                      July 2024

Completion and Handover                                                           May 2025


Start of construction                                                                     June 2025

Completion & handover                                                               April 2026

Church Office Hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.20am-2.20pm. Please use the same email address and telephone numbers – and 0141 644 1841.  All emails and phone calls will be responded to as soon as possible.


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