Christian Aid Week Annual Appeal

Christian Aid Week Annual Appeal

Christian Aid Week Annual Appeal

Christian Aid week is from 15th to 21st May this year and once again I hope that you will be able to support the work of Christian Aid through your donation of cash which will benefit some of the most needy and vulnerable people, irrespective of faith, around the world. The preferred method for giving is by following the link below to our E-Envelope, which contains further information of how your donation will be used. There will also be a small number of paper Christian Aid envelopes available at the doors of the church throughout Christian Aid week for anyone who would find this method more convenient. The paper envelopes with your donations may then be left in the collection plates at the end of the church service or posted through my door during the week. Please remember to include gift aid ,where possible, as this substantially increases the value of your donation to Christian Aid. Thank you for your donation for this year’s Christian Aid appeal.

Mark Allan,


Clarkston and District Christian Aid Committee


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