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The Clarkston and District Christian aid committee has been busy fundraising over the past session in a variety of events.

The treasurer’s report summarises the results of the various activities as follows:

Greenbank contributed £864 to the £3,724 raised in last year’s sponsored swim in October 2015.

The total income from the Annual Art exhibition held in March 2016 was £11,432. Profit from the event was £4,274 after artists’ fees and expenses.

Figures for the Annual Christian Aid week door to door collection in May 2016 show that Greenbank collectors gathered £3,776, including the funds raised by the Big Brekkie event. The total from all 7 participating churches was £13,873. This was down on the previous year from £15,516 collected in May 2015.

A total of £22,817 has been sent to Christian Aid Head Office.

The first committee meetings for the new session have now taken place and 7 people from Greenbank took part in the recent sponsored swim on 8th October. The Art exhibition venue for 2017 will be the Carmichael hall in Eastwood Park on 11th March. Planning for this event is also currently under way.

On behalf of the Clarkston and District Christian aid committee, I would like to thank everyone at Greenbank Parish Church who supported the fundraising efforts over the past session and hope for your continued support in 2016/17 for the Art exhibition and Christian aid week collection.

Mark Allan


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